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Performance Videos

—  My demo reel and a collection of acts

Demo Reel

Aerial Hoop, Aerial Silks Outdoors

Lyra: Ready to Rock

Self Choreographed. “Ready to Rock” by Oddisee 

Lyra: 'Date Night'

Self Choreographed. Performance for the Irish Aerial Creation Centre's Intensive, 2015

Music Andrew Bird, "Fake Palindromes," They Mysterious Production of Eggs. 

Lyra: Moab arch project

Self Choreographed. Arch in Moab 2016

Rigging and Video by Eric Giovannetti. 

Lyra: Reaching levity

Self Choreographed. Reaching Levity, Directed by Ty Vennewitz 2017 

Duo Lyra: Love on Bourbon Street

Self Choreographed, with Maureen Monroe. Historic Ashland Armory 2014

Video by Ray Mikota