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—  Videos of custom textile effects, surface treatments, and textile designs for theatrical costumes. A collection of my projects from The Oregon Shakespeare Festival.


Dyer and Painter for Hamlet. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2016. Costume Designer David Woolard. 

Costume Dyer & Painter Caroline Dignes describes the imagery and process of the textile finishing for the costumes in HAMLET, which has a Jacobean and rock 'n' roll look and vibe. The show will play in the Allen Elizabethan Theatre at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival from June 7 to October 14, 2016. 

Head Over Heels

Dyer and Painter for Head Over Heels. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2015. Costume Designer Loren Shaw. 

Oregon Shakespeare Festival Dyer and Painter Caroline Dignes explains the complex process involved in obtaining the various colors in the fabric of The Oracle's costume in HEAD OVER HEELS. 

King Lear

Dyer and Painter for King Lear. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2013. Costume Designer Linda Roethke. 

Painter/Dyer Caroline Dignes shares the challenges of creating realistic, "poetic" blood for a garment in the 2013 production of KING LEAR that must last through more than 125 cleanings! 

Into the Woods

Dyer and Painter for Into The Woods. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2014. Costume Designer Linda Roethke. 

Oregon Shakespeare Festival painter & dyer Caroline Dignes walks viewers through the complex process of creating a cape for Cinderella in the 2014 production of "Into the Woods." 

A Streetcar Named Desire

Dyer and Painter for A Streetcar Named Desire. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2013. Costume Designer Alex Jaeger. 

Painter/Dyer Caroline Dignes talks about getting that perfect color.